Bespoke Fund Management

With the knowledge of investor's varying investment objectives and risk appetite we offer portfolio management solutions most appropriate to individual client needs.

Existing Pooled Funds

In-house pooled funds for the small to medium wholesale investors. Constructed by applying disciplined fund management techniques by an experienced asset manager.

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Audited Accounts - Life Settlements Wholesale Fund - 30 June 2015

01st Oct. 2015

Review audited accounts for the Life Settlements Wholesale Fund year ended 30th June 2015

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Why Life Settlements Funds?

Life Settlements Funds Limited (LSFL) is an Australian registered and regulated fund manager that has been in business for over 10 years.

Life Settlements Funds Limited is a specialist manager in the life insurance sector of the insurance linked securities market.

We offer a range of management solutions based on client's needs. These include;-

  • In-house pooled funds for the small to medium wholesale investors
  • Separate discrete mandates within the existing structure what provides 'turn key' management of insurance investment assets for medium to large wholesale investors
  • Management services for external client owned structures
  • Advice and access to life policy acquisition solutions
  • Advice and access on ongoing life policy management solutions.

More information on our products and services can be found here.

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