In most states in the USA it is a legal requirement that investors can only purchase Life Settlement policies through an appropriately licensed “Provider”. 

The Investment Manager currently uses the services of CMG Life Services Inc (CMG).  CMG has established a code of business conduct (Code) for their employees and associates. The code is intended to assure the highest standards of integrity are maintained with respect to all the operations of CMG.

We will exclusively use the services of CMG to provide policies for its Funds, unless they are unable to provide policies meeting the Investment Managers’ policy purchase criteria, whereupon we may approach other licensed providers of a similar standing. CMG is related to the Investment Manager.


CMG Life Services Inc

CMG Life Services Inc is a Tennessee limited liability company based in Naples, Florida, and formed for the purposes of managing unique investment alternatives. CMG Life Services is dedicated to the use of Life Settlements as non-correlated, “Stable Value” assets to meet the needs of select institutional clients.  

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