Bespoke Fund Management

With the knowledge of investor's varying investment objectives and risk appetite we offer portfolio management solutions most appropriate to individual client needs.

Existing Pooled Funds

In-house pooled funds for the small to medium wholesale investors. Constructed by applying disciplined fund management techniques by an experienced asset manager.

Announcements & Disclosures



Distribution Announcement FYE 30 June 2018

14th Nov. 2018

GI Asset Management Limited as Responsible Entity for Life Settlements Wholesale Fund (“LSWF”), is pleased to advise that a distribution was paid to unit holders on the LSWF register at...

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Commentary & Studies

Our People

Why Choose Us?

We are an Australian registered and regulated fund manager that has been in business for over 10 years.

A specialist manager in the life insurance sector of the insurance linked securities market.

We offer a range of management solutions based on client's needs. These include;-

  • In-house pooled funds for the small to medium wholesale investors
  • Separate discrete mandates within the existing structure what provides 'turn key' management of insurance investment assets for medium to large wholesale investors
  • Management services for external client owned structures
  • Advice and access to life policy acquisition solutions
  • Advice and access on ongoing life policy management solutions.

More information on our products and services can be found here.

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