The appeal of the asset class appears to be wide and diverse.

The asset class presents some unique value opportunities and its own risks. No two Life Settlement policies are identical so an “index” approach is flawed, rather a “value” based and research driven investment philosophy will yield consistent performance.

There are a variety of risk /reward strategies possible. With this knowledge we appreciate that our investors have varying investment objectives and risk appetite and that the available pooled products may not entirely satisfy all investors.

Subject to a certain minimum volume thresholds, Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC can provide portfolio management solutions to larger investors.

Our funds are established in highly regulated and compliance-orientated environments and the services of leading custodians are employed to protect the underlying assets. With a separate mandate your fund is actively managed, to your specifications, and held as segregated assets.

To enquire about the investment process please contact us using the contact form or by phoning +61 7 5557 4700.