Our Commitment to Basis.Point

Our group of companies is committed to active involvement within our local and global community. We focus on contributing to the development of sustainable community programs and take joy in supporting community driven organisations dedicated to changing the lives of people in need.

We have recently had the pleasure to show our support for basis.point by becoming a corporate patron. Basis.point is an organisation which is supporting the young people of Ireland and making a real contribution to improving their education. Our donations will support them in bestowing “grants to charities to fund programmes and initiatives that focus on education and which aim to make a sustainable and tangible difference to those living in poverty.”

Stephanie Nolan shares her own experiences, “This charity’s work is close to my own heart, I lived in Ireland for 5 years and worked in the Financial Services Industry whilst I was there, my husband is Irish and both our children were born there, we were fortunate to relocate to Australia in 2007 before the GFC struck. However we have many family and friends that have experienced serious financial hardship since, loss of jobs or reduced hours/pay, property prices plummeting putting them into negative equity situations.   Irish families like everyone else want to give their children the best possible start in life, with all the other financial demands it is incredibly hard for them to be able to invest in their children’s future, particularly the likes of tertiary education. I am delighted that we have been able to get involved with a charity that will contribute to addressing this issue and offer a brighter future for the young people of Ireland.”

There are many ways for you to get involved too.  To find out more please head to this link: https://www.basispoint.ie/get-involved/

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