Showing Our Support for RizeUp

We spent an afternoon with some fabulous ladies and gents joining together to show our support for a wonderful local organisation RizeUp Australia. A community driven organisation dedicated to supporting the brave families leaving domestic and family violence. 


 “Our mission is to rise up – to educate and empower. People need to know this is an anti-social behaviour that thrives on silence. As a community we need to be mindful because this impacts everyone, no matter what their creed or colour” says founder and CEO of RizeUp, Nicolle Edwards.


Stephanie Nolan, “What a great event and way for us to combine our company Christmas lunch with supporting a worthy charity. We heard how RizeUp not only provides a safe shelter for fleeing families but also turns it into a home. Through tireless community involvement RizeUp makes a meaningful impact on lives and also challenges the community to take a stand against domestic violence.”


Our group of companies is committed to active involvement within our local and global community. We focus on contributing to the development of sustainable community programs and take joy in supporting community driven organisations dedicated to changing the lives of people in need.


RizeUp is funded by donations, fundraisers and events. There are many ways for you to get involved too.  To find out more please head to this link:


1. Macdonald, E 2015, Gold Coast Bulliten, New domestic violence charity RizeUp on the Gold Coast”, 15th September, Available at:  (Accessed 14th December 2015)


Supporting RizeUp Australia

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