Life Settlements Funds Limited (LSFL), as Responsible Entity of the Life Settlements Wholesale Fund (LSWF), wishes to advise that some of our large institutional clients in the LSWF have decided to transition their investments across to a separate mandate. LSFL will remain as the Investment Manager for this separate mandate as well as the LSWF. This transfer has been done using independent experts and supervised by the LSWF auditors.

This means that LSFL remains the manager of policies with a face value of over US$2.2 billion, however these are now split between the Life Settlements Wholesale Fund and our role as a separate Investment Manager. The Life Settlements Wholesale Fund now owns 117 life policies issued by 43 different insurance companies. The face value of these policies is over US$265 million.

In a separate development Life Settlements Funds Limited has also been appointed Investment Manager and Distributor of the Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC, a listed Irish company specialising in life settlements and registered as a Qualifying Investor Fund.

LSFL will continue to pursue tailored investment solutions for its existing and future clients in the insurance settlements asset class.

Proposed changes and enhancements to the structure of the Life Settlements Wholesale Fund as a consequence of the above occurrences will be considered shortly by the investors in the LSWF who will shortly receive an information pack.  Investors will be given the opportunity to consider and vote on the changes and enhancements at an upcoming investor meeting.  Meanwhile any questions can be directed to +617 5557 4700 or

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