GI Asset Management Limited (GIAM) as responsible entity of Life Settlements Wholesale Fund ARSN 110 346 695 (“the Fund”) wishes to advise that Fund’s Withdrawal Offer dated  22nd December 2017 made pursuant to section 601KB of the Corporations Act and clause 7.9 of the Fund’s Constitution is now closed.

The total withdrawal requests received at the close of the offer on 20th February 2018 exceeded US$850,000, the amount which was set aside to meet the withdrawal requests pursuant to the offer.      

As such, the withdrawal requests received will be satisfied proportionately in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001.

The remaining balance of units which were not redeemed on the withdrawal requests received will be carried forward and dealt with at the next Withdrawal Offer.

A transaction statement will be sent to the unit holders who participated in this offer.

GIAM continues to monitor the liquidity status of the Fund and will issue another withdrawal when it is appropriate to do so.

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