Fund Management

Our core products and services are designed to meet a varying range of needs for our investors defined by their risk appetite and investment objectives.

The Group has a proven track record of guiding clients through the asset selection process and the risk/return alternatives appropriate to their appetite in this evolving asset class.

Our portfolios have been constructed by applying disciplined fund management techniques in addition to the rigorous asset selection and due diligence processes only an experienced asset class player can provide.

Our single focus in this asset class over a long period of time has ensured that we can deliver to our clients expertise at the highest level.

Our in-depth and client-supportive management goes well beyond the level required of a traditional managed fund or mutual fund.  We not only carry out normal fund management functions, but also manages the day-to-day performance of the underlying assets, which involves clearly “active” functions.

As a result of the extensive due diligence procedures pre and post purchase of a policy, the Group has never failed to collect a policy benefit that has become payable for any of our client portfolios.

Investor comfort and security is paramount, so we only deal with blue-chip service providers and are domiciled in a regulated jurisdictions.



We have shown flexibility to meet client needs and offer a range of solutions to meet desired investment objective.

Our Irish Qualified Investor Fund was developed after extensive consultation with both clients and service providers. This included exhaustive research into legal structures, the regulatory environment and the obvious issues of taxation and accounting consequences.

We are also conscious that client needs may dictate that this is not the only solution appropriate to their objectives.  As an example of this, in 2012 we were appointed as Asset Manager of an Irish Section 110 company on behalf of a major client who chose this structure as the most suitable for their particular needs.

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