Additionally we can also act as the Investment Manager for segregated investments in this asset class operating as separate, actively managed mandates.

A separate mandate can be held in a sub-fund under our Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC, umbrella company, thus still providing you with the best structure from a transparency perspective. This allows you to own the policies in a legally separate pool with us functioning as your Investment Manager giving you have more flexibility with portfolio construction.

We have shown flexibility to meet client needs and offer a range of solutions to meet desired investment objectives.

In 2012, we were appointed as Asset Manager of an Irish Section 110 company on behalf of a major client who chose this structure as the most suitable for their particular needs.

Should you have a different structure in mind, we can still function as your Investment Manager providing you with access to our industry expertise.

To enquire about any of our funds or services please contact us using the contact form or by phoning the investment manageron +61 7 5557 4700.