Our affiliation with high quality service providers gives our investors another level of comfort when investing in the asset class. Our service providers are skilled in the life settlements market. Aligning with the client’s interests and needs, they help the Investment Manager execute the day to day tasks of managing a fund with a high level of reliability.


A life settlement provider serves as an intermediary between the life settlement broker assisting the insured in selling their policy and the entity that funds the capital to purchase the policy. In most states in the USA it is a legal requirement that investors can only purchase Life Settlements policies, in the secondary market (ie. from the original insured) through a licensed “Provider”.

After initial guidance and consultation with our investors, on risk appetites, we approach the provider discreetly with a bespoke buying strategy. The provider will offer policies that they have available matching the policy criteria or they will source policies that best suit. These are professional buyers who have extensive experience in analysis and valuation of large-faced policies and can meet our rigorous buying criteria set by us or our investors.

We maintain relationships with the most active and reputable life settlement providers within the secondary market. We are constantly developing our relationships with these industry members to ensure the most up to date strategies are utalised when conducting life settlements transactions.